Welcome aboard the new HELITEAM-AUSTRIA web page

After a protracted period it is now time to adapt our homepage to new technologies.

We welcome all the long-term fans  of our home page back on board, but are also very pleased to see new helicopter friends.

Since the 13th helicopter world championships 2008 in Eisenach, Germany, our little team has been in the web, cared for by Henning Tikwe, operator of the web page www.luftfahr-eisenach.de. After a short training period we developed our own home page, designed and operated by Michael Soellner until 2011.

At the end of 2011 Bernhard Baumrock and Paulo Gutscher, both members of the multipurpose helicopter squadron in Langenlebarn, took over the re-design and care of the new home page.

 We thank Michael Soellner for his voluntary work in the past years and wish the two new web masters all the best for the future.

 Enjoy reading our news and hover as long as possible on the home page of Heli-Team Austria!

 Wolf-Dietrich Tesar, leader of Heli-Team Austria

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